The Quick Facts document contains useful and frequently requested information about the Penn Community. It begins with a high-level descriptive portrait of the institution, which leads into more detailed information about the incoming students, overall enrollment, degrees awarded, faculty and staff. It also contains figures and information on numerous other aspects of the Penn Community, including research activity, cost of attendance and financial aid, finance/budget, library holdings, economic impact, and much more.

Quick Facts is designed to be viewed both in print and on the web. There is a 14x8.5 inch tri-fold pamphlet that is ideal for printing, as well as an 8.5x11 inch document that can be viewed either onscreen, or printed on a standard printer.

The documentation file contains complete information about the data sources and categories used in Quick Facts. Additionally, there are links to further information within the Penn web pages, and beyond.

As we share the Quick Facts, we get feedback. When we discover an error, we try to fix it as soon as possible. If you are unable to reconcile numbers, please contact us.